Mate Night


“If you’re looking for a captivating, suspenseful, heartfelt story where the sex is as hot as the lava in a volcano, then Mate Night is definitely the book to read. I can’t wait for Malcolm’s story…”
-Janis, Black Raven Reviews

Behind the Book with Eliza

Ahhh Kane… The middle brother we’ve all been waiting for. For some reason Kane’s story has been the easiest to tell. It was one of those rare moments when the fingers flew and the first draft of the book was completed in a matter of just a few weeks.  Wish I could say the revisions went as quickly but that infamous writer’s procrastination set in and it took it’s own sweet time. His heroine wasn’t very likeable in the first book but deep down the underlying reasons for bad behavior can often make sense. I believe there are certain situations and people in our lives that could cause all of us to do things we never thought we could. And then there are also times when there are no good reasons for evil…it merely exists to keep a balance.

Publisher: Gypsy Ink Books
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An Excerpt From: Mate Night: A Southern Shifters Novel

Copyright © Eliza Gayle, 2010

All Rights Reserved, Gypsy Ink Books

“Tell me something, Kane. Before you kill, do you even take the time to learn something about your victim?”

“What the hell kind of question is that? I don’t take lives because I enjoy it. I do it because it has to be done, it’s a duty—a job. Without order and rules our secrets can’t be maintained. And then people like you start hunting us, wanting to kill all of us because of fear of the unknown. We aren’t evil, you know. Hell, I’m standing in a spell you created with black magic, talk about evil. You of all people should understand different. So what exactly is your damage?”


“My damage?” She wanted to reach through the barrier holding him and slap the crap out of him, maybe knock some sense into that pretty boy head of his. What had she been thinking? “How can you be sure you aren’t killing the innocent? Do you ever question the validity and integrity of your precious council?”

“Why should I? Every case is presented and voted on by unbiased members of our clan. It’s their duty to ensure everyone a fair trial and our system has worked well for a very long time.”

“Like with me?” His blind faith burned in her gut worse than a wicked case of indigestion that wouldn’t go away no matter how many antacids you popped.

“I witnessed your treachery with my own eyes. The evidence is cut and dry.” His voice had lowered, and if she didn’t know better she could have sworn she detected a thread of sadness. In fact, now that she thought about it, he didn’t seem all that angry about being trapped. Did he not believe she would really kill him? Would she?

“You’re nothing but a liar. An animal that wouldn’t see the truth if it bit him on the ass.” Power flared through her as the edge of her control frayed.

“That’s right, honey. I’m an animal and right now I can smell just how full of shit you are. You think you can hide your wet little pussy from me? That I can’t sense arousal?”

Lara ground her teeth at his gall. He was baiting her, messing with her head while he came up with a plan, or until she made a mistake and did something stupid. Neither of which would happen.

She’d lived for years making these plans with not a shred of doubt, until she’d run into Kane. She met his gaze, searching for a sign of what she didn’t know. Tension filled the room as they both realized this discussion had nowhere to go. Neither believed in the other. Problem for her was she’d suffered doubts and did her best to overcome them. Now, with him here, her need to kill him had eroded and been replaced with something else. Something softer.

She broke the showdown, unable to stay focused when he looked at her with equal parts—I’m going to kill you, I’m going to fuck you.  Instead she watched the serene slash of his lips. He didn’t smile at her, but he quit frowning. Always the level-headed brother, able to take things in stride and move on, or so she’d heard repeatedly.

She imagined those full lips of his would be soft and patient when they pressed up against her skin. That image made her nipples tighten against her t-shirt, and she prayed he wouldn’t notice. He already knew too much. When her thoughts strayed to his neck and chest, the spots she wanted to lick the most, she thought she heard a noise not unlike a purr. A low rumble, so quiet she wondered if she was mistaken.

She had to be. He had hunted her. He wanted—

“Don’t look at me like that. It’s not safe.”

“Like—like what?” Something had gone all wrong.  Now that he was here, she felt her control slipping fast.

Another rattling sound came from his chest, louder than before. Damn, he really is purring. Goosebumps rose along her flesh and a shiver trembled down the length of her body before she could stop it.

“Like you want to eat me more than kill me.” He whispered the words so low she leaned in closer to hear them.

His hand shot out and circled her waist, dragging her body against his.  Her shock of utter surprise disappeared when he slanted his mouth over hers, swallowing her cries and taking advantage of her gasp to plunge his tongue past her lips and taste and devour every inch of her.

Sensations exploded throughout her, including a hunger firing through her veins. He tasted so damn good. Warmth and spice flooded her as she struggled to comprehend what had happened. Hot hands roamed and clutched at her back and burned straight through to her skin. Arousal grabbed her body and fought for control. Moisture leaked onto her panties as common sense fled at the thought of him finally taking her like she’d dreamt. She had to have him.

His raw kiss deepened and her hands pressed against his chest. The hard wall of muscle flexed underneath her fingers and she fought the unusual instinct to rip his clothes to shreds.

No. No. No.

They couldn’t do this. It was beyond wrong. She pushed against him, desperate now to force him away, but he didn’t budge even an inch. Instead his next purr rumbled straight through her belly to her clit; arousal beat a harsh rhythm in her system with nowhere to go.  She pushed him again, harder, and this time he stumbled back, slamming into the wall. Something primal took over, an urge so basic she flung herself against him and kissed him back with lips, teeth, and tongue while her hands frantically clawed for skin. She connected with bare arms covered by a soft thin layer of hair that tickled as she stroked his bicep.

She struggled not to moan as she once again fought for control. This had to stop before she did something crazy, like beg him to fuck her right here against the wall. She tried to pull from his embrace but he only tightened his arms around her. When she was certain he wasn’t going to just let go she did the only thing she could to bring them to their senses.