Bound by Magick – Complete Series

Book Cover: Bound by Magick - Complete Series
Part of the Bound by Magick series:
Publisher: Gypsy Ink Books
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The vision of a woman filling the screen took his breath away. The tumble of blonde hair cloaking her shoulders and back surrounded an oval-shaped face with wide set, deep green eyes. Perfect white teeth nibbled on the lower edge of ruby lips. It was her, the woman he’d been warned about. The one he’d been waiting for. He’d known she would be beautiful and difficult to resist. What he hadn’t expected was the sudden surge in his power at the mere sight of her. Every cell in his body sparked when he first spied her on the security camera, and with the seductive power rushing through his veins he couldn’t turn away.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but Mr. Scott isn’t available for visitors at this time. Might I suggest you contact his secretary and schedule an appointment?”


He listened as his butler spoke in his clipped tone to the woman through the security speaker outside the front gate. She fidgeted nervously as she tried to convince Steven to let her in to see him.

“Please, sir, could you explain to Mr. Scott that I have come a long way to discuss some urgent family business with him? It is of utmost importance that I contact him right away.” Her voice flowed through the speaker like the softest jazz on a sultry summer night, and Graelen felt the impact deep in his groin as his cock tightened.

“No, ma’am, I’m sorry, but…”

“Steven, let her in.” Graelen hadn’t even realized that he’d walked over to the intercom until he pressed the button, cutting off his butler in mid-sentence. He knew he should have let Steven send her on her way, but for years he wondered what event would finally lead her to him. Despite the danger and risk she posed to his family, he had to know. Over the years he learned to control the cravings to use the magick at every obstacle, and he was certain he could certainly hold his own with the petite woman now holding court at his front gate long enough to find out what she wanted.

“Ma’am, if you will return to your car I will open the gate for your entry.”

Graelen watched as a small, smug grin turned up the edges of her full lips just as she pivoted back to her car. Her heart-shaped ass, clad in worn denim jeans, clung to her like a second skin as her hips swayed ever so slightly. As she reached for the car door she bundled her coat tighter around her waist, reminding him of the cooler temperatures that arrived this week, and signaling the imminent approach of Samhain in just four days–the most difficult time of year for him and his brothers to resist the temptations of using magick. The ceremonies and traditions of this time called to them, luring them to embrace who and what they were.

This was another uncomfortable indication that his mystery woman’s appearance at his doorstep was all part of the prophecy his family feared. He should have sent her away and not even started what would likely be a fucked up chain of events. Yet, the power surge at her appearance intrigued him, and he had to know: why her and why now? He’d deal with regrets later.

He listened intently as Steven ushered her into the library to wait for him. He paced the room, trying to work off some of the adrenaline the power pumped through his body. He had to calm himself before he went to her. It wouldn’t do for her to see him this close to the edge, fighting the seduction of the powerful magick that currently enthralled him. It would be so easy to use this extra magick to get what he wanted. He could just do a short spell and his little beauty would tell him everything he wanted to know. It would be simple to take her before sending her back on her way.

He shook his head clearing those thoughts from his head. Best to face this head on and meet the woman who would be my destiny.

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