New Release Excerpt! Alpha Beast #Southern Shifters


He’s got an obsession and a beast he can’t control. A deadly combination waiting to strike. If he has to choose between the good of the clan and his would-be mate, the clan doesn’t stand a chance.



Marcy walked the length of the long hallway that led to the nurse’s lounge, looking behind her every few seconds as she did. Sienna’s call had obviously affected her more than she thought. Who in the world from their past would ever threaten them? She’d tried to ask her best friend that very question when the line had gone dead. Her cell phone had died and getting to the break room and her charger had taken time.

The agitation that plagued her the last couple of months increased as she slipped inside the door. Ever since waking up one Sunday afternoon unable to remember anything beyond the hospital on Friday, her life had changed.

Easy going before, she now felt stressed and no amount of meditation, relaxation and even that bullshit yoga she’d tried had helped. Even the job got to her more often than before. Which was never a good thing when she spent her life dealing with crazed women having babies.

The most appalling change in her mind though, came outside the hospital and in the form of sex. Or more specifically no sex. Two months without and she was climbing the walls. She needed something bad and so far not a single one of her regular friends with benefits held the slightest appeal. In fact, the two times she’d even tried to be near any of them had physically made her stomach hurt.

At this point she was beginning to wonder if these were odd symptoms for some rare disease she wasn’t familiar with. She’d tried to search for some cause on the internet, but that never turns out good. You can go from having a mild headache to half dead in the time it takes for the next page to load.

In the break room, she rushed for her locker and pulled out her phone charger. Fumbling with the cord, she dropped it twice before she got it plugged in next to the microwave. She’d have to give it several minutes to work before the phone would actually turn on. Which only gave her more time to think about everything wrong with her life these days.

She really missed her sex life. The irritability and lack of patience could all easily be attributed to the fact that her only orgasms these days were self-given and they lacked a certain oomph from before.

She sighed. Who was she kidding? Masturbating may be normal and healthy, but after a while it’s a poor substitute for a real partner.

At that thought an image of a man popped into her head and she leaned against the counter to keep from falling over. There was one man who’d caught her eye. Someone she didn’t know, but had seen him a few too many times around the hospital and maybe once near her apartment. The word stalker had flitted through her mind after that. 
And still his appearance flustered her. Although he was the farthest thing from her type. She usually went for the lanky ones. Good looking, smart, as focused on their work as she was and most importantly were NOT looking for a romantic relationship. Mostly people she knew from work.

Mr. Mysterious was almost none of those things. Lanky? No. That one was built like a tank. Even from a safe distance she could make out legs the size of tree trunks and arms and shoulders that would barely fit in a doorway. He was thick with muscle. That was easy enough to see from the snug denim and dark t-shirts that barely contained them.

Good looking? Yes, she’d definitely give him that. Dark hair just a little too long, a chiseled jaw that drew the eye and bedroom eyes that seemed to watch her every move as she walked by.

Which of course led to smart. Without knowing him she had to venture maybe not. If he was some sort of crazy stalker following her around town then he most definitely would not be called smart.

The other attributes she knew nothing about. He rode a big bike and his arms and neck were covered in delicious tattoos. Marcy’s brain stuttered. Had she really just thought his tattoos were delicious?

She took a deep breath and released it nice and slow. Clearly her brain was fried. Had the months of long shifts at work finally taken a toll on her body? What else could explain the craziness going on with her. Loss of memory, irritability and loss of sex drive to her usual companions. What the hell kind of symptom was that? There was no such thing as a selective loss of sexual attraction.

She reached for the carafe of coffee she hoped had been made today and poured the remains into a styrofoam coffee cup. She then proceeded over to the microwave to heat it up. As far as she was concerned there was only one way to drink this stuff and that was straight up black and hot as hell.

Her phone chirped to life and she snagged it off the counter.


She hit the recent calls and depressed Sienna’s name to bring up the details and call her back. The call connected and began to ring. The microwave beeped at the same time a string of notifications came through on her phone. She looked at the screen to see they were all messages from Sienna. On the fifth live ring the call went to voicemail and Marcy huffed out a breath.

“You couldn’t wait twenty fucking minutes for me to get to my charger? You need to call me back ASAP. I need way more details than some vague person from the past is making death threats. You’re freaking me out, babe. CALL. ME. BACK.”

She disconnected the call and began listening to the voicemails. Each one escalating from the other. Sienna was freaking out about her phone dying, but hadn’t bothered to tell her anything. So annoyed she was half tempted to slam her phone down on the counter. Of course breaking her expensive smart phone would not help. Like it or not she had to wait for that crazy bitch to call her back.

Another fifteen minutes passed, her cell phone was charged to twenty five percent and her coffee was long gone. Too irritated to make more, she’d have to go sneak into the doctor’s lounge and see if they had anything in there before she headed back to the NICU. She stuffed her phone in the front pocket of her scrubs and slowly opened the door.

This nonsense from Sienna had her on edge as she found herself poking her head into the hall just enough to look up and down the corridor to see if any strangers lurked before heading out. With no one in either direction she headed down the hallway toward’s the doctor’s lounge. Maybe while she was there she could pilfer something to eat too. The privileged of the hospital always had free snacks lying around.

She peeked around another corner, wondering the whole time why she was letting Sienna get to her. There was absolutely no reason for anyone to wish her harm. Or Sienna for that matter. Her friend was a saint compared to her. What could she have possibly done or gotten involved with that would warrant someone wanting to hurt her?

Secure in the knowledge that she knew her friend well and that no one would ever want to hurt her, Marcy straightened and walked around the corner. Halfway down the hall she skidded to a stop because the man–make that the big man–she half thought might be following her came around the corner and scowled at her. Behind him was another man even taller, although not quite as wide and they were both staring her down and coming right for her.

With their twin expressions freaking her out, she began to notice other attributes as well. Large fists clenched at their sides, faded denim and leather jackets covered their bodies and big black shit kicker boots covered their feet. Jesus, they looked right out of some biker gang movie.

That thought made her heart beat speed up and fear whip through her. Afraid to take her eyes off of them she began moving backward. She had to escape. But could she make it back to the nurse’s lounge, swipe her ID and get the door closed behind her before they caught up. Not likely.

She had to try. For that to work it would require her full focus. The one she recognized looked like he was about to say something. Not that she cared. If they were here to hurt her then her only chance of escape was that damned lounge.

She whirled away from them and took off at a run. Heavy steps sounded behind her, letting her know they were in full pursuit.
If she could just make it around this corner…

“Stop running.” The command came at the same time she felt something grab the edge of her blouse.