Southern Shifters

Southern Shifters Series

Get bitten by the SOUTHERN SHIFTERS in Eliza Gayle’s steamy paranormal romance series! Full of feisty women and the alpha men who fall in love with them! Watch first hand as Lucas, Kane, Malcom, Rafe, Dean, Gage, Greer, Calder and Bhric fight for the mate they refuse to live without.

Set in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee in the Tail of the Dragon, three clans, an ever growing number of hybrids in the neutral zone and countless rogue packs struggle to maintain the secrecy of shifters from the humans while maintaining their own tenuous peace treaties. Something that gets harder and harder with each passing day.

Their world is growing and change is inevitable, even if they have to accept it while biting and hissing.

Amidst clan politics, uneasy alliances and rituals that must be honored, this action-packed romance series is a must read!

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