I write because books have been the one constant in my life

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t reading a book. Except maybe the first couple of years I was in the military.

Being a soldier was the biggest challenge I’d faced up to then, and being a single woman in a sea of men was even more challenging. (Besides who’s thinking about a book when they are surrounded by hot men in real life?)

Some of my favorite memories can be tied to books. Like the Saturdays I spent hours and hours in the corner of the library as a thirteen-year-old, reading books I was far too young to read. Or when I accidentally found a steamy book in my mom’s nightstand that kept me on the edge of my seat and awake all night long.

Or the many times when I needed comfort and the only place to turn to was a book. In those cases, reading a book was better than any other escape my young mind could imagine.

I finally turned to writing after going to the movie theater and seeing The Empire Strikes Back twenty-four times. (Yes, 24.) I couldn’t wait for a sequel and I wanted more romance. So I wrote my own long before Return of the Jedi came out. (No, you cannot read it.)

After that, I often wrote sequels to movies I enjoyed. Romance books that didn’t end as soon as the couple said I love you became my favorite.

Then there were the years of chaos aka when the kids were babes and I lost touch with reading and writing. Until I discovered paranormal romance thanks to Sherrilyn Kenyon. Then it was on.

I read and read and read and read until my husband started poking me asking if I was ever going to get my nose out of a book.

Not for long.

Those years brought me back full circle and I felt driven to start writing again. So without even understanding POV was not an acronym for Personally Owned Vehicle (it is in the military), I wrote my first book.

Then another and another. And another. And another.

I believe in love even if I’m not very good at it. I believe working hard leads to rewards and most of the time I believe in myself.

Mean people piss me off. Irresponsible people piss me off. People who give up on anything worthwhile as soon as it gets a little hard piss me off. I want people to stop spewing shit on the internet that they would never say in real conversations. I miss nice.

I’d like to cure cancer but I’m not a scientist. I like to be prepared for anything even if that isn’t realistic. I’d like to explore most of the planet. I’d really like to not worry myself into an early grave.

I’d like to be remembered as a writer. I don’t need to be the greatest writer on the planet, but I hope someone remembers me and my stories.


Random Tid Bits about Eliza

  • Netflix is her addiction.
  • Has an irrational fear of snakes.
  • Sparkly flip flops are her thing, no flats please.
  • She had two nicknames in the Marine Corps. “Annie Oakley” and “Fritz”
  • Loves 80s music especially AC/DC.
  • Is a gadget girl.
  • Needs to be near the water.
  • Faeries and Dragons fill her office.
  • She is obsessed with zombie escape plans.
  • Reads tarot for inspiration.
  • She loves her little green Soul.
  • Is a Virgo, but will neither confirm nor deny if she possesses the obsessive traits of a typical Virgo.

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